Website Design – Getting High Conversion

We design websites that enhance business profitability, boost online presence, converts traffic to revenue and markets products to wider targets.

We get positive interaction from users, while promote user friendliness. Our strategy surrounds this concept and provides the experience users love.

High Conversion

A good website converts well! Most companies don’t know how their sites convert. The first thing we do is measuring your conversion; even if the site converts for 90% from the visitors, there is room for improvement. Every small decision can affect the conversion rate of a site: for example, choosing green buttons of ‘buy now’ instead of red ones.

It’s important to plan your design for conversion and for telling the user what he or she “needs” to do. After you finish designing your site and building your marketing funnel, keep doing A/B testing for better conversion.

Quite often, our consumptions are wrong, so it is better to test what will bring better results. CRO (conversion rate optimization) has become one of the most important practices in Digital marketing.

Easy Backend Control

Amital was an early adopter of the WordPress platform. We are veritable experts in WordPress – designing and developing powerful, user friendly, custom websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS) for nearly 5 years.

This system allows our clients to update and manage pretty much all aspects of their website. Out of the box, WordPress is a very user friendly system. Whether you are familiar with html code or are a technology newbie, our content management systems provide an environment in which you can work intuitively.

Mobile Friendly

Today, there are more searches from mobile devices than from desktops. We’ll make your site mobile friendly and test it with Google guidelines, in addition to measuring the conversion rate of your mobile site.