Why is SMO important for your Business?

SMO is the new way to market using word of mouth. It is the most effective way to garner attention from online users in and around social media, to benefit your business.

Why choose us to rock your social brand?

• We have special methods of growing your reach
• Our updates are around the clock
• We know how to target your social campaign to a specific Niche
Setting up your profile in social networking websites
Community building
Frequent updating of optimized, well-linked content
Encapsulating ideas for viral marketing
Social media promotion (paid/free) for your website

Social Media Optimization aids to:

• Boost Online Visibility
• Increase Brand Awareness
• Drive Traffic to the website
• Grow Brand loyalty
• Improve Marketing Response
• Increase Engagement
• Improve Marketing Response

With Social Network campaigns, we let you target exact audiences and advertise for them; for example, advertise for HR managers located in France. A targeted campaign is easier to create on social networks than on search engines, wherein KWs are targeted and not exact niche audience.
In Amital, we have a special method of growing organically the followers of social networks: Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and Pinterest page. A strong social profile makes your brand a trusted one.

Be there all the time

In social media, you have maintain a presence; posting new things, answering customers, attending relevant groups…We take on all the social effort and make your company attractive on social media.