What is PPC?

PPC marketing offers one the ability to purchase top ranks in search engines and on partner pages.. It delivers immediate traffic and offers alternatives to SEO strategies.

Our Benefits:
• Creating high ROI campaigns
• Creating winner ads
• Conducting In-Depth competitor research
• Measuring your campaign results with conversion codes
• Decreasing the CPL (cost per lead)
• Making A/B Testing for constant optimization

Main PPC Services

Google Adwords

Primarily, you will be places at the top of search engines if PPC advertising is used. AdWords is still the most effective PPC advertising platform, which provides you with the aptitude to test keywords, thus, enhancing your existing SEO strategies.


We recommend retargeting in most cases.
The average visitors don’t make decisions to purchase a service on the first visit. With remarketing code, we plant a cookie for the user and show your ads for 30, 60 or even 90 days. This way you remind the user about your product or service and have better chances of converting it into sale.

FB Ads

With approximately 1.01 billion active users per day and 894 million around active mobile users daily, Facebook has established itself as the king of social media platforms. With a diverse advertising to disperse your message to millions of users across the world.

PPC Audits

At Amital, our PPC audit is used as a provision to clients who simply seek out ways to improve on their struggles. Our top PPC managers will advise you after reviewing your account in the proper direction.

Shopping Ads Management

These ads, offered by Google and Bing permit clients such as you to showcase individual products directly in the search results. At times, shopping ads appear over standard paid search ads and primarily above organic listings generally surrounding commercial products. According to Pushfire.com, the share of search engine result pages displaying Shopping ads more than doubled during 2014 from 7% to 16% of all search results.

Measure, Measure, Measure – Conversions Codes

We install conversion codes for your PPC campaign. Every campaign has specific goals, whether it be e-commerce sales, leads of contact or users registered…
The conversion codes will provide us vital information as it relates to the campaign:
Some of these include KWs that convert, marketing channels that work better, changing the budget and optimizing the campaign.